Poorman's Bikini Beach Race III A Huge Success

Strippers stretch before the Poorman’s Bikini race at Hollywood Park. Photo Credit

Somehow the BC intern missed news over the weekend of the Poorman’s Bikini Race III at Hollywood Park. You know the story. Some smut peddler lines up several strippers to race on a horse track. The chicks wear bikinis and race in front of thousands of horny men who have sidebets on which contestant would blow them for $20 and a bag of fries.
Over 9,000 were on hand Friday night for the festivities.
It’s just the type of entertainment that makes L.A. special. You might remember last year’s race where one bimbo breaks out to a huge lead only to go face first into the dirt, losing a sure victory.

We have yet to secure the 2008 video footage or word of a winner, but there are photos of the lovely competitors. Each of these ladies works at some dive strip club in the L.A. underbelly. Many probably have side jobs hooking at truck stops.
Isn’t society the greatest?

Big Brown, far right.

Photo Credit

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