Jets Whittle Cheerleader Wannabes Down To 51

Vernon Gholston would be more than honored to have that rack cheering for him

The NY Jets might not be able to score a touchdown, but at least they’ll have some smoking chicks on the sidelines cheering them on while losses pile up.

Judges have narrowed their search to 51 contestants in the battle to become members of the 2008 Flight Crew. Only 22 dreamers can make the team. BC hates to be mean, but the final cut would be simple.

The Jersey butterfaces would be sent packing. We’d be down to 22 – quickly. Our staff handicapped the field and came up with photographic evidence of the ladies who can prepare to do J-E-T-S chants. That is exactly what team officials are looking for.

“The girls are pretty and they can dance, but we want to be the Jets’ connection to the fans,” she said. “We want to be able to send them out and do appearances and do events,” team director Denise Garvey said.

Denise, let us help you out. Here are the chicks who must make the team.

Video Of Maria Sharpova Showing Off The Arm