ESPN Fake Analyst Back To Sex Scam Game

That is obviously the fake Mark Adams

Mark Adams, or Joel Brodsky as he is known in the penal system, is at it again. The pervert was already arrested earlier this year for posing as an ESPN analyst to entice teens into sex with him.

Authorities this week say Brodsky is back at his old game of offering sex in exchange for fake college scholarships. And he has turned his hustling specifically to boys.

Police records tell a story of “Mark Adams” stealing a boys cell phone number and calling him numerous times at school “offering to spend the day with him.”

It’s hard to imagine what’s more creepy about this guy: the fascination with teen boys, posing as an ESPN analyst or the use of a scam promising scholarships for sex?

The perfect scenario for this guy is a trip to prison where he can be an imaginary analyst and get all the legal boys he wants. The thing about prison is that he won’t even have to offer the scholarship. The inmates already get free schooling.

[Sex For Scholarship Man Arrested Again]

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