Daily Dump: Duke Lacrosse Stripper Gets Degree, Police Dog Bites Fan, Leyland Explodes And Alessandra Ambrosio’s Boobs Balloon



Still nothing more than a 9 in an Arkansas trailer park

* For those who’ve emailed us about the weekend gig, we’re in the process of going through the submissions. An announcement will be made Friday.

Today’s Dump:

College gives Duke lacrosse stripper a degree [Brahsome]

Jason Taylor beaten by chick, time to face Tuna [Sports By Brooks]

Reggie Bush circa 2005 in Cabo? [Uncoached]

Police dog takes out futbol hooligan [Bright Black Internet]

Jim Leyland gets angry, Tigers win; we sense a pattern [World of Issac]

Belichick fails to wear socks with loafers [Friends of the Program]

Blogger takes time to write about WNBA, please read [The Play In CA]

How to talk to the ladies at Euro 2008 [Machochip]

There’s actually a competition for top UT Vols blog [Losers With Socks]

The penis copter makes its Russian debut [Tasty Booze]

Reason #2 why you should take mass transportation [MacGsWorld]

The all-time worst #1 songs [The Angry T]

The 10 most popular vending snacks [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

Randy Moss and a chick who should be afraid [Don Chavez]

Alessandra Ambrosio’s boobs continue to grow [Drunken Stepfather]

If Britney has been working out it hasn’t started to show [on205th]

Take a better look at Gucci model and MILF [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

Brazilian Barbie likes profanity [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Jesse Jane is yesterday’s daily snapshot [Coed]

The Survivor Babes battle down to final four [Cuzoogle]

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