Daily Dump: ESPN To Air More Coverage Of Red Sox, Distract Tony Parker, Earl Weaver #1 And Kate Beckinsale A Champion



Kate Beckinsale has a championship for her smoking body


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Today’s Dump:

Thanks Jon Lester, now ESPN can give Red Sox more coverage [Rumors and Rants]

5 more ways to distract Tony Parker [Cuzoogle]

Earl Weaver #1 on Top 7 sports meltdowns list [Gibbs12]

Guys who somehow stick in Major League Baseball [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Lebron pulls a Sean Avery [MacGsWorld]

Blogger takes SEC rankings seriously, hates Sporting News [Losers With Socks]

Never volunteer to take tennis ball to groin [Brahsome]

Bay To Breakers a drunken good time [College OTR]

Even more weirdness from Bay To Breakers [Uncoached]

The next generation of gaming: urinal Wii [Tasty Booze]

For the guy who can’t get a girlfriend [Blog of Hilarity]

A Buffy The Vampire college course? [Angry T]

Today’s Tail:

It’s official! Kate Beckinsale has won [on205th]

Body paint on a former Guess model [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

Lohan shows off the freckled skin [Drunken Stepfather]

Kate Hudson MILF status quickly rising [Holy Taco]

The Daily Snapshot will keep you busy [Coed]

Teressa gives it 100 percent [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Nice wiper blades [Bright Black Internet]

Chick who loves children wants to be Playmate [Banned In Hollywood]

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