2008 Preakness Infield Party Bloody And Boozy


Blood red goes well with the white glasses

Big Brown won the 2008 Preakness, but if you were on the infield at Pimlico that mattered very little. Surviving was much more of a concern.

Your afternoon was spent trying to avoid being bloodied or injured in the madness. We enjoy a crazy party like everyone else, but visiting the hospital isn’t cool. BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich found several boozers who needed professional attention for a variety of reasons.

(Above) is a chick who appears to have taken a shot to the nose. That’s a sweet way to pick up Salisbury U. guys at the race. Rich also landed a fight and some guy with a head wound. We hope everyone enjoys their Monday return to work trying to explain the black eye, head laceration and broken noses.

It was just another year of partying at Pimlico. And just think, there’s an upcoming 3-day weekend.

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