Tony Romo To Attend Wedding For Right Reasons

Love the shirt and the famous blond to the far right (circa pre-Simpson) 

PEOPLE MAGAZINE reports Romo has been pulled back into the trap of Jessica Simpson’s d-cups.

Jessica, 27, will be maid of honor at her 23-year-old sister’s wedding to rocker Pete Wentz. A source close to Jessica tells PEOPLE that Romo will be attending the event with Jessica.

Cowboys’ fan shouldn’t worry too much about this. He already bought the suit, promised Jessica to attend and will obviously go to the wedding on the prowl for tail. That, is a smart move. He knows there will be A-list talent attending. Add names to the BlackBerry, fly back to Dallas and start making calls. The guy is genius.

Just Jared and about every other entertainment blogger in the world have the below photos proving that Romo is happily going to this wedding. We predict he’ll get smashed and end up with the bride. At least he can’t knock her up.

TO relying on tabloids for Romo news [Dallas Morning News]

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