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The 7 Facial Expressions Of Vikings’ Cheerleaders


“Damn, put that thing away” face

This Facial Series is hot off the Flickr wire and comes from the sandy beaches of Qatar where the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders are shaking it for American troops. (Don’t miss our previous Facial Series posts here and here.)

It would be interesting to know how much a cheerleader can earn on a trip to the Middle East. Our best guess is that a blond with a smoking body can make substantial coinage on the dictator market. Their robes must explode when our pure bred American beauties show up at the airport.

We stand by the fact that if those wackos just got laid a little more often our personal differences could be settled – quickly. In fact, BC suggests we trade chicks sporting full C’s for barrels of oil. This $4 per gallon travesty needs to end. Obama is just the man for the job.



The “Where are my keys to the Mercedes” face


The “Your barracks? That’s funny!” face


The “Shocker”


The “Oh, hell yeah, your barracks sounds good to me” face


* Your choice. Be creative.


The “Who really cares about your expression, your ass is nice” face

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