Daily Dump: Win A Kournikova Conversation, How Vols’ Fan Rolls, Cubs Rejects And Cool Off With Milk


This makes us want to visit Romania to watch television


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Today’s Dump:

Contest Alert!!! Win a conversation with Anna Kournikova [Kournikova.com]

This is how Vols’ fan rolls [Losers With Socks]

Bill Simmons has some words for ESPN [Deadspin]

Perrilloux finds a new team in Florida Redneckville Alabama [ESPN]

Mark Gastineau’s daughter still decent [on205th]

The Padres get busy using Cubs rejects [Rumors and Rants]

Barry Zito doesn’t mind the bullpen [The Play In CA]

Things that Tom Brady doesn’t like [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Kellen Winslow wants paid, now! [Waiting For Next Year]

Dad doesn’t like you messing with his daughter [Tasty Booze]

10 things that you think are cool but don’t make you cool [Holy Taco]

Star Wars freakshows [Brahsome]

For the ladies; ASU wrestlers [Ladies Dot Dot Dot]

Today’s Tail:

This chick cools off with some milk [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Gemma back at the beach showing off the boobs [Bright Black Internet]

This chick is a TV presenter [Camel Tap]

It must be hard to sleep with these implants on your chest [Uncoached]

Ms. Coed Aisleyne has a nice tan [Coed]

Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to know she’s in love [Drunken Stepfather]

Britney tries to impress Playboy [Don Chavez]