Cal-State Fullerton Chick Wants To Get Naked

That headline is slightly deceptive. Nicole Aylward already has shown the goods for Hef and the Playboy empire. But this time she wants to be the 55th Anniversary Playboy Playmate. The job means slightly more ‘showing,’ but she seems up for it.
This chick seems to have her head on straight and can juggle partying with going to college. That takes talent when you are blond with a full rack.
(Photos after the jump.)

Reasons why Nicole gets our vote:
College: Check (CS-Fullerton).
Job: Used to be a TSA Agent.
Boobs: Enhanced; looks like a full C.
Tats: Can’t see any.
Hair: Blond; Hef fully approves.
Sports: She likes football; her body was painted like a Saints cheerleader for the Super Bowl.
Celebs: Hangs with Jimmy Kimmel, Paris Hilton.
Etc.: Well spoken, swings, doesn’t smoke, does drink, only 23.

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