Tired Of OJ Mayo Story? We Have A USC Song Girl

We’d stay in school just for the Song Girls

Don’t even act surprised OJ Mayo was rolling in the cash during his one year at ‘SC.

Just imagine sitting on a million-dollar fortune only to be told there’d be no coin until you ‘went’ to a single year of college. Our asses would be rolling out of bed, late, catching Hannah Storm on the morning SportsCenter via our 52″ LCD and splurging on bottles of Grey Goose after a History of the NFL class.

For once Dick Vitale has something wise to say about the situation. “…this one year and done should be done away with,” he told USA Today.


Thankfully, USC Song Girls can’t turn pro in anything that pays them millions. That means we get to ogle their toned legs and silky blond hair. Jacquelyn is a recent USC grad and should serve as a lesson in why males who can’t shoot basketballs might want to stay in school.

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