The 7 Famous Facial Expressions Of Kevin Youkilis


The consummate dork by Boston Wolverine

The above photo showed up in the mail this morning and got us thinking about a list, “The 7 Facials (Expressions) Of Kevin Youkilis.”

The guy is a walking billboard for dudes who couldn’t land tail before becoming a well-known baseball player. A million-dollar contract will do wonders for your social life. But it also helps that Youk is a good guy, possible MVP candidate and currently carrying the Sox.

Without further debate or stupid commentary, here is the list.

The, “Chicks were repulsed” face


But now “I’m tagging this” face


For the ladies, the “Peter Gammons was cropped out,” face by Largo Deb


The “F-you, I hit .300” face


The “Bud Light cans rule” face


The stoic

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