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Lunchtime Lust: Jennifer Ellison > Beatles
Jennifer_Ellison – See more hot women
We’ve teamed with the folks at Chickipedia to bring you a great way to spend your lunch hour. This waste of time is called “Lunchtime Lust” and will feature a hot chick each day at noon EST.

From The Jennifer Ellison File: 

Ms. Ellison is the greatest export of Liverpool since the Beatles pulled out of the armpit of the UK. It’s like Kid Rock leaving Detroit to nail Pam Anderson, only to get a ‘divorce’ and move back to the Motor City.

Jennifer will become a year older this month as she tackles the rigors of being in her mid-20s. Her boobs show no signs of aging, however. Those puppies are still as firm as the day the doctor pumped them full of chemicals.

See the boobs and learn some interesting tidbits about the Brit. Visit Chickipedia for the full report.

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