Top 5 Video Moments In History Of Moms & Guns


She’ll shoot you in the toodles

It’s a big weekends for moms out there. Our favorite Playboy mom, Beth Fithen, will be celebrating with her little ones. She’s the hottest mom to ever personally email BC and we were honored.

But there is always room for more accolades for mothers. Who was there when you needed a dollar for a drink after the baseball game? Not dad. He was in the truck pounding 22s in brown bags. Who was there to wash your dirty jersey? Not dad. He was too busy downloading porn. Without mom you would likely be a drunk, porn downloading fool.

That is why we are bringing you the “Top 5 Video Moments In History of Moms and Guns.” This goes out to all those mothers out there who don’t take shit of of anyone. We love all of you.

(In no particular order)

Gangsta Mom

Mom not a bad shot with a .410

A Texas backyard barbecue is not complete without mom shooting a Tech 9

…and finally, this mom can handle dual AK’s

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