Hollywood Cougar Attacks Lakers' Sasha Vujacic

“Sasha, let me tell you what I’d do to that young meat.”

On one end of the spectrum Obama might be a long-legged mack daddy, but at least he’s not a leathery, cougar attracting L.A. Laker named Sasha Vujacic. The foreign import was attacked at the recent Lakers Playoff Kick-Off Party by some grandma in the twilight of life.

Holy Jesus.

These pics came crashing into BC World Headquarters and nearly made us wish we started drinking earlier, because the only way that old piece of ass would be getting up in our grill is if we were in a GILF mood and in at least 4 bricks of MD 20/20.

The sickening part about this is how happy Sasha seems. Dude, in this country women this age will try to give you one solid night in the sack and hope you marry them in a Vegas drive thru.

Get some, grandma!