23-Cent Pizza Brings Out Cleveland Loser Types


That just might be a rebel flag on the guy’s forehead

Enjoying the cheap pizza, Cleveland? We hope you savor it while little kids in Myanmar are eating bloated cows and drinking coconut milk to survive. Not really but it makes for a unique scenario.

From the look of things the job market in Cleveland is pretty weak. Instead of putting in a days work for a paycheck, these Clevelanders spent 2 hours in line for a 23-cent pizza as a “Sorry” from Papa John’s.

This guy, using a cane and smoking, knows a good pizza deal

Let’s do the math: 2 hours spent in line for a $7 pizza = sad.In fact, at 8:30 tonight, J Koot left headquarters for a pie run and the damn place was closed. A cardboard sign read “Closed” but all the lights were on. We suspect the dopers were in the back smoking a bong and laughing at the losers banging on the door.

That just cost us $1 worth of gas in the Honda.

[13ABC: One Papa John’s issuing rain checks]

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