San Diego State University Chick Hits Batting Cages


Since the mainstream media is focusing on the bad of San Diego State University, we figured it was time to shed a little light on the good going on for the Aztecs. Sure, some moron frat boys (75) thought running a dope ring would equal weekend trips to Vegas. Now, many of them face long jail sentences and the inability to ever vote for Obama.

The good is named Jessica B. and she is in the running for the 2008-2009 Tempe12 cover model job (Vote for her now!). We like this chick because she likes sports, especially baseball.

When is the last time you found a chick who “hits the batting cages, hikes up Cal’s mountain, football at the beach, wakeboarding, and going to baseball games,” according to her contest questionnaire.

Um, we’re speechless. Do you also like bloggers who could stand a little sun and to lose 15?

As for cooking, she says her tacos are the greatest. Again, speechless. She can roll her toes. Amazing! She’s studying to be an English teacher. Yes!

This is too good to be true. Be proud SDSU. Today may be all about dishonor on campus but at least you have this bright spot.

Vote for Jessica. We want to see her in a bikini at the batting cages.

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