Round 2: Samantha Steele And Erin Andrews Meet


The Michelle Wie of sideline reporting with the legend 

The world’s of sideline reporting collided at least once in the last few years. The age of this photo is unclear but stands as a link between the young and aging of sideline reporting. , by us last week, as a face that could, very soon, be appearing on ESPN sidelines.

An email to Busted Coverage headquarters:

Sam’s friends here in Phoenix are wondering how you guys have so little information about her.  She grew up in Phoenix and spent 2 years in New York after high school, working much of that time with John S., Craig James and Doug Flutie on their ABC college football show until she got the job with Liberty doing sideline for their football and basketball programs.  She’s done sports radio locally here in Phoenix and has written a blog at for some time.  She’s known around here for having a great sense of humor.

What? She went straight from high school to working for network college football? So what you are telling us is that she is the Kobe Bryant of sideline reporting? If this is true it seems EA is up against the emerging Michelle Wie of the microphone.

Why go from ABC to Liberty basketball? There are so many damn questions we need to get in contact with this chick. BC Nation, your job today is to get us a private email address for Ms. Steele. We’d like to chat.

(H/T When Keg Stands Go Wrong)

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