5 Questions With U. Of Florida Coed Danielle Wolfe


Danielle once danced on Lil Jon’s DJ booth at a Playboy party

We continue our prowl of the University of Florida to find out from the hottest ladies of the SEC about Tim Tebow, posing naked for playboy and the legendary party scene in Gainesville. Maybe you remember our .

Today’s we get cozy with UF undergrad Danielle Wolfe who you can see plenty of at College Mansion, CampusLOL.com and Tempe12.

Our brief, but interesting, conversation revealed her relationship with Tebow, how she likes to swing and which guy she’d have her first sex scene with once becoming an actress. Now that you’re hooked, check out the 5 Questions after the jump.

1. The legendary Tim Tebow is walking around that campus. Of course you’ve met the super hero. Impressions?

I have known Tim since my first semester at college and have always thought highly of him. He is extremely friendly but surprisingly shy. To me, Tim is a role model. We tend to hang out with the same group of friends so I have been to several social gatherings and night clubs with him and still to this day have never seen him take a sip of alcohol. Every girl on our campus is absolutely head over heels for him but it is obvious to me that girls are the least of his worries. Between his love for God, his family and football, he seems to be content with all that he has. Through his actions and words, Tim lives an exemplary life.

2. We read that if you were stranded on an island you would bring a jungle gym with a swing set? What’s up with that?

Ha ha! I feel that this answer is a reflection of my character. Not only do I love to swing, but I am extremely adventurous, goofy, and easily entertained.

3. Gainesville has this reputation as a party school. Give us your best bar night story since starting school at UF.

My craziest story occurred my freshman year when myself along with 49 other girls from UF were selected to attend the 2007 Playboy Super bowl Party in Miami. Not only did we get to do the Gator Chomp on the red carpet, but we somehow ended up in VIP alongside celebrities such as Lil Jon, Kanye West, Nas, Kelis, Taye Diggs, Johnny Knoxville, Jeremy Piven, the cast of the Sopranos, and several others. Several guys begged me and my friends to stay in Miami for the night to party. They promised us a place to sleep with a plane ticket back to Gainesville the next day and one girl actually accepted. One of my girlfriends wound up at Paris Hilton’s house, but Paris had locked herself in her room. Jeremy Piven obsessed over another one of my friends and decided to take her to another night club. When she walked out of the bathroom she saw him all over another girl and decided to cab it back to the Playboy party. Lil Jon let me dance on his DJ booth; a video of it wound up on YouTube the next day. One of my friends stole a bottle of liquor from the party to drink on the bus ride home.

4. Playboy has an open slot. Are you taking your modeling career to the next level with the men’s mag? If not, why?

Although I did attend the party, I would not do the magazine. “Oh but it’s tasteful and classy” is usually the typical response I get when I answer this question. I personally think it takes a lot more class to keep your clothes on. Yes it pays well and yes it could further my career in the entertainment industry, but this is definitely not the path I want to pave for myself. I live by the quote “Everything in life worth doing is difficult,” and I refuse to sacrifice my values to take the easy road. I want to be a leader and a role model and I am prepared to work for my goals and my dreams. I want people to like me for my intelligence and my genuine personality as opposed to what I look like with my clothes off. Playboy is just not for me and anyone who knows me would say the same.

5. You list being an actress as a career goal. Many famous women have a sex scene once in their career. Who’s joining you in a scene and why?

My first sex scene would definitely be challenging for me to perform. When I think about pursing an acting career, this is not a typical topic that I dwell on. But since you asked, Jesse Metcalfe would probably be a top pick.

Special thanks to Dynasty Reps for making this interview possible.

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