USC's Jessica Gysin In Running For America's Hottest College Athlete Crown


Congrats to the uniform makers for a job well done

So here we were on the prowl for more photos of AVP Cuervo Girls and look what happens. An innocent search landed us a chick whom BC is declaring “North America’s Hottest College Beach Volleyball Player.” (If a sponsor is willing to send us on a Brazilian research mission, please contact us.)
Meet USC junior Jessica Gysin. We found her recently taking part in The Collegiate Nationals Beach Volleyball Tournament where she partnered with all-American Taylor Carico to finish second to a team from the University of Texas.


Those details matter very little. We’re here for beautiful college athletes. And Ms. Gysin officially has our attention. Allison Stokke is getting a little too thick and cheerleaders aren’t really athletes so a new chick on the scene is needed. The difference between Gysin and just another pretty face is that this chick can really play.
Sports Illustrated is seeking candidates to determine the nation’s Hottest College Athlete. After seeing these photos, the game is over.
As a bonus to our loyal readers, we have included two extra shots from the impressive collection of photos from The Collegiate Nationals. Major H/T’s to VolleyShots for these pics.

And the aforementioned bonus shots….

Samantha Steele In Running For Next Erin Andrews
Samantha Steele In Running For Next Erin Andrews
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