Kentucky Derby Infield Party One Muddy Mess


(Left) Those look like Lisa Fernandez thighs 

C’mon ladies, this is no way for a southern belle to behave. Getting sloppy drunk and jumping in a mud pit won’t impress the rich, J. Crew collared future bankers burnouts on the infield at the Kentucky Derby.

These lovelies must go to Eastern Kentucky. Any self-respecting future cougar from UK would never risk stains to her Derby clothing. Also impressive from the crowd was the guy who had all the gay bait writing on his chest. Again, this closet homo must be a Morehead State student.

Let’s recap the huge Saturday in Louisville. Hugh Hefner looks like he could die at any moment, Vince McMahon needs to lay off the Botox, Michael Jordan continues to get fat and Bob Costas refuses to look older than 35.

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