Samantha Steele In Running For Next Erin Andrews

Update: Her name is Samantha Steele and she’s a student at Liberty University (H/T: When Keg Stands Go Wrong). Our photo editor and his team of research assistants are efforting to locate more photos and video. Any help would be appreciated.
We happened across this chick, and she has future Erin Andrews replacement written all over that sweet face.
Guys, you have one job this afternoon. Name this basketball sideline reporter for FTN (Flames Television Network). We expect our southern visitors know this chick from Liberty University basketball games. The Liberty Channel might be run by a large group of kooks, but they seem to have an eye for what gets our attention.
Thank God.

Samantha interviews a building on Liberty campus

We could get used to her providing us with injury updates

Actual video of Ms. Steele
Photo credit

Site News: Busted Coverage Will Survive
Site News: Busted Coverage Will Survive
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