Daily Dump: Jockey Fetish, Hockey Fetish, Betting The Derby, Lohan Cleavage And A Blogger Gets Married



Elisha Cuthbert needs a hockey player, NOW!!!!!

We received this email earlier today:

“Did you happen to catch the Hawks vs Celtics game 6? If you did, you couldn’t have missed the blonde hottie sitting courtside next to the Celtics bench. Every time ESPN HD cameras showed Doc Rivers you got a shot of this creature of beauty. Who is she? Some dork in a ball cap appeared to be her date…..loser written all over him, except for his companion of choice! Got to see more images of this stunning woman. Thought you might have some insight….thx”

Any help for this desperate male would be appreciated.

Today’s Dump:

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A guy with a female jockey fetish [Don Chavez]

An investigative look at ass ends [Uncoached]

Daily Snapshot time with Angelina Jolie [Coed]

Elisha Cuthbert has a hockey player fetish [on205th]

Is Lindsay Lohan cleavage really news? Of course [Drunken Stepfather]

Christina Aguilera done with prenancy, decides to get smashed [CamelTap]

Lebron has final word on Cavs-Wiz series [Waiting For Next Year]

Blogger takes weekend off to get married [Brahsome]

A beer called Lumpy Gravy gets a positive review [Tasty Booze]

This chick is sorta scary [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Northwestern studies dirty secrets of breaking up [Asylum]

One of our favorites: Weekend Picks [With Leather]

Jason Whitlock in another media spat [The Big Lead]

LSU looking for a new quarterback [Tracking The Tigers]

Vols’ fan weighs in on the Perrilloux saga [Losers With Socks]

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