Welcome To The Erin Andrews’ 30th Birthday Bash


Update: This is it. The final push. 6 spots remain. Go down in history. Name another blog that is treating EA to this much coverage for her birthday.

Guys, if you aren’t on this card shame on you. Erin is just days away from turning 30 and its time for you to send her your best wishes.

Remember, you don’t have to be a sports blogger to take part. Just have a site and a message. That’s it. Get some free traffic.

What: Erin Andrews’ 30th Birthday Blogger Bash

Why: We want to celebrate Erin’s upcoming big day (May 4) with a birthday card to commemorate the occasion. This is your big chance to open your heart and tell EA what she means to you.

The card is open to the first 60 bloggers who would like to send Erin a birthday message. Once the card is filled, it will be sent to ESPN headquarters for Erin to peruse.

Your message will also be posted on this page so you’ll get some free traffic out of this event.

Where: The party is here. Get your 10-15 word greetings to us now: mail@bustedcoverage.com

Who: Again, this is for bloggers. Have a blog? Send your blog name and greeting.

Questions? Shot Shoot us an email.

A special thanks goes out to our Erin Andrews’ Birthday sponsor PhatRags. Give them a visit. Buy a shirt.

The messages after the jump.

“Happy Birthday to America’s Sexiest Sportscaster – from America’s Sexiest Bloggers” [Bitten and Bound]

“Happy 30th Birthday Erin! I hope Bruce Pearl bought you something nice.” [Don Chavez]

“I love your fun bags and white teeth. Forever mesmerized,” [MacGsWorld]

“Erin, your tush is much better than Bonnie Bernstein’s, Happy 30th” [Uncoached]

“We take back the comments about your pale legs. Happy 30th, EA!” [Busted Coverage]

“I’ve never enjoyed looking at a woman from behind so much in my life.” [Bright Black Internet]

“Melissa Stark gets drunk every night trying to forget you ever existed. Congrats.” [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

“Erin, without you the network is just SPN and a room full of dorks.” [Cuzoogle]

“Erin, I bet you taste like bakery fresh cinnamon buns,” [Brahsome]

“Dearest Erin, You make us happier than Booby McFerrin and nearly enough to stop doing heroin.” [The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes]

“Erin, you have more sweet insights in your sweater than every other announcer on the network. Except Bobby Knight. “ [Blog of Hilarity]

“If the US honored your birthday by putting you on a stamp, we’d totally lick your backside.” [Will Brinson/Brahsome]

“I wish I knew how to quit you.” [on205th]

“You truly innovated the question of “what halftime adjustments will you make?” Happy Birthday!” [Gibbs12]

“Sweet Nibblets! Happy 3-0! Coming or going, you’re looking as hot as ever!” [Rain-Delay]

“Happy Birthday Erin! We’d hit on you, but don’t want to end up like Joba” [Chicago Bull]

“Fine, I’ll have sex with you for your birthday, just quit calling and texting me all the time.” [Epic Carnival]

“Erin, get over yourself, we all turn 30, kisses” [Cuzoogle]

“Don’t worry E.A., 30 is the new 20. Now lets just make you the new Dick Vitale.” [Tasty Booze]

“Erin, we hear 30 is the new 14. You should give DeShawn Stevenson a call!” [Waiting For Next Year]

“If anyone calls you ‘business class’, I’ll find them and they will pay. Happy Birthday!” [Steady Burn]

“I make out with a life-size poster of you every night.” [The World of Issac]

“Happy Birthday Erin! If you were a blog I would “First!” every post you made.” [Baseball In A Cubicle]

“Happy 30th Erin! You, Joe Scarborough, and Gatorade are the only three things worthwhile to come out of Florida.” [RedRenee]

“Happy effin Birthday Erin, Its more than a crush,” [PhilKnowsBest]

“Because I know that you were just kidding about the restraining order, you crazy gal! Happy 30th!” [Three Strikes And Out]

“Happy Birthday Erin, I still can’t believe you pinned Lisa Guerrero and Jill Arrington in that hair vs. hair handicap match” [The Sports Hernia]

“Erin, you have more sportscasting talent in one well-formed, perfect butt cheek than most people have in their entire bodies. Happy 30th!” [Buge Hoobs]

“Erin, We would all walk over Joba Chamberlain’s fat, dead, decaying body for you. Happy 30th!” [Mike Responts]

“Happy 30th, Erin. Remember, we saw you first. Really, we did.” [Fang’s Bites]

“Thanks for the moisturizing tips sweetheart. Happy Birthday!” [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

“We’d get you pregnant just to keep you around! Happy 30th EA” [Cali Bubble]

Happy Birthday, Erin. Please cover the NBA Playoffs! Ratings will go up. [Rey-Rey]

“Happy Birthday. We miss you in Austin. Come more often.” [TV Tan Line]

Happy Birthday Erin! Without you, Jim Gray might still have a job. [Garecito Deportes]

You still have the looks to be on TV! I do not. Happy Birthday EA [Sports Crackle Pop]

You had me at ?I?m absolutely dating ? but I?m not exclusively dating?. Although I’m not willing to share you with Bruce Pearl. [Sports Business Digest]

Happy Birthday. If you were a lot younger and had more of a twang I’d ask you out. Please don’t tell Chris Hansen. [EB Sports]

Erin, thanks for combining soft-porn and sports! [MarinerBlue21]

“Erin, tight pants on you — are like A-1 on a steak. Yummy. Happy Birthday.” [One Droo Hill]

“Before you, the act of sandwich-eating was never quite so sexy. For that, we thank you. Happy 30th.” [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

“The sweetest words to our ears…”Lets go down on the field to Erin Andrews” [Friends of the Program]

“Sorry about that one picture with the Iowa kid, the rest of the state isn’t as Ahole-ish. Happy 30th!” [Valley Sports]

Thanks for the moisturizing tips sweetheart. Happy Birthday! [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

Happy Birthday Erin. My gift to you is the knowledge that I’m always thinking/watching you:) [Tier 1]

When can we expect to see an EA/Tim Tebow sex tape? Happy B-day, XOXO [Coed Magazine Online]

Happy Birthday Erin, thanks for making Big 10 sports interesting these past few years. [The Wi11 Is]

“Happy 30th from all the guys at Miami Dolphins UK” [Miami Dolphins UK]

Happy Birthday Erin. You make me proud to have dated a Florida Zeta. [Sports Agent Blog]

“For you….we’d take David Wright’s sloppy seconds….Happy Birthday, Kid” [Flatus Yahu]

Happy 30th Erin…We love the way you hold a hoagie! [The Sporting News: Looper]

My 4 year old son says “Erin Andrews is smoking fine” when you appear on tv. And Happy Bday! [Phunk and Wagnalls]

Our favorite on air-personalities: Megyn Kelly and Erin Andrews. [WTJS]

Erin – 30 is the new 20.  You’re better than ever! [Board-Senseless]  (NSFW)

“Happy Birthday to the goddess Erin Andrews. I pray for injuries so we can hear your updates.” [Final Timeout]

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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