Daily Dump: John Cooper HOFer, Dirty Derby Horse Names, Kournikova Hits Beach And Melina Pitra’s Bum



At least we’re both Apple fans. It’s a relationship starter.

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Today’s Dump:

If you have a disgusting bathroom you can win stuff [Holy Taco]

EA Sports missed the memo; nobody goes to the Carrier Dome anymore [Orange Squeeze]

John Cooper in the College Football Hall of Fame. Bwaahhaaha! [Waiting For Next Year]

In honor of the Derby, the dirtiest horse names ever [100% Injury Rate]

Leroy Butler makes some bizarre comments about Favre retirement [NFL Juice]

If John Daly had a video game [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

A humorous take on the Clemens saga [Gate 21]

Vols’ fans keep making fun of ‘Bama backers [Losers With Socks]

Youngstown State calls this a cheerleader [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

The Cavs-Wiz comics keep rolling in [Waiting For Next Year]

Quincy Carter signed to play for 1-7 Arena team [KC Star]

Today’s Tail:

There is no debate, the best photo we’ve seen all week [Uncoached]

Hulkster would like to play the part of this father [Don Chavez]

Kournikova hits the beach [MacGsWorld]

This should keep you busy; the Daily Snapshot [Coed]

Carmen Electra has new photo shoot pics [CamelTap]

Jewel might be hot but those teeth drive us nuts [on205th]

Melina Pitra has a famous bum in England [Bright Black Internet]

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