Daily Dump: Bet On Pot Using Athletes, Top-Ranked Mullet, Mom Weighs In On Roger And Top 10 Tennis Hotties




Will they still stare at her ass once it turns 30? 

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Today’s Dump:

Betting on who will admit pot use newest trend in gambling [100% Injury Rate]

Mike Brown not making friends in Cleveland [Waiting For Next Year]

Mac has another Buzz Bissinger video [MacGsWorld]

A 3-year-old with top ranked mullet [Tasty Booze]

Mom weighs in on Roger Clemens and 15-year-old [Bookie Mom]

A letter to John Paxson: Don’t f-up this coaching search [Rumors And Rants]

There’s always room for a Top 10 hotties list [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

The father of LSD has passed [Brahsome]

Today’s Tail: 

More photos of the NBA dancer with huge cans [Don Chavez]

Sarah Harding modeling new Wii Fit controller [on205th]

The Hulkster keeps a close eye on his daughter [Holy Taco]

Finally! A hot chick with a sense of humor [Hottest Girls On MySpace]

Heather Locklear hits the beach [Drunken Stepfather]

Jennifer Ellison has turned 25 [Cuzoogle]

Bikini driving school is back with episode #3 [Life On Top]

Amy Winehouse and Sarah Silverman separated at birth [Banned In Hollywood]

Miss Rose lounging on a beach [Bright Black Internet]

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