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Cuervo Girls Top Beach Volleyball Bikini Moments


Quick story. Remember the buddy who was supposed to go out with the Cavaliers’ dancer? He called recently to invite BC on a trip to L.A. for 4-5 days of volleyball, Angels’ baseball and beaches. Free hotel was even part of the deal. Of course, being loyal bloggers, we declined. At first the chance to make a little extra beer money trumped Hollywood.


Exactly what we’re missing to sit at home – blogging.

But then we remembered the AVP Tour hits Huntington Beach this weekend. Major mistake on our part. The Cuervo Girls will be in town and you know what that means – belly shots and smoking bodies. Now this is the type of sport BC could support.

A deeper look revealed we’ll be missing out on free volleyballs and memories to last a lifetime.


That’s supposed to be us looking like a moron with a trucker hat.

Oh well, maybe we’ll catch a Will Ferrell DVD and order takeout from Applebee’s. Sounds like a cool weekend.


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