From The Archives: Mark Eaton Packing A Magnum


#35 Mark Eaton circa 1980. Doc Rivers knows your pain.

We get comments all the time from our female fans. “Why so many chicks? We want some man meat.”

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich says the same thing, but he’s on the payroll. He does what we say.

Well, ladies, it’s your lucky day courtesy of the Cypress (Ca.) Junior College photo archives where former Utah Jazz legend Mark Eaton used to rock the short shorts. A little known Eaton fact: he was discovered by a Cypress coach who found him working as an automotive technician.

If you’re old enough to remember the days before the Fab Five forever changed the basketball garment industry, you’ll know that the short shorts were miserable pieces of starched cotton that led to intense chaffing. Women were forever pissed at Chris Webber.

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