British Grid Girls Look Good Holding A1GP Poles


Grid girls brave the elements so drivers know which car to get in.

From the A1GP in London this past weekend.

If this blogging gig doesn’t turn into a full-time job by the end of 2008 it may be time to submit our resume as Formula One’s Director of Grid Girl Operations.

It would combine two of our passions. Women and directing women.

“Listen up ladies, we want to see cleavage, good grips and smiles.”

“Svetlana…one more dropped pole and you’ll be looking for another grid job!”

“Tori!” “Those boobs aren’t going to impress the French greasers under that blouse.”

Notice how Ms. Italy uses the thumb method. That sign isn’t going anywhere.

The job doesn’t seem to be too hard and has good benefits such as traveling the world seeking chicks who can hold grid poles. And the audition process must be interesting.“Care if we see your grip?”

“You’re too shy?” “Well it doesn’t seem you want the job very bad.”

For some reason Formula One needs chicks to hold signs so the drivers know which car to get in. These morons can drive 200 mph but can’t read their name on the cockpit. Now that’s safe.

Photo credit to multiple sources.

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