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Houston Texans' Fans Desperate For Good Time


“I wore my horns helmet to celebrate an offensive lineman?”

“…. and with the 26th pick, the Houston Texans select Duane Brown, tackle, Virginia Tech….”

“wah, who, wait, what…”

If there is one thing we learned from NFL Draft Day, it’s the fact that there seems to be a growing segment of society willing to give up a Saturday afternoon to attend a party that lasts hours just to hear a single name called.

Now that is a party. Thank God the Texans were smart enough to bring hot chicks to its draft shindig. on people. You can do better than this in life. Don’t you have a swimming pool and a nice backyard that could use some weeding?

The day BC watches a draft from the confines of a stadium concourse will be the day we call it a life. Someone kick us in the nuts until we can’t walk.

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