Busted Coverage Exclusive: 5 Questions With Lauren Stevens, Top Ranked University Hottie



Stevens is well known on the UF campus for obvious reasons

You may remember Lauren Stevens’ photos from a couple of weeks ago. Hot, big boobs, model qualities. She’s currently ranked #1 on the Hott 100 at College Mansion. For us, looking at chicks like this is just another day at the office. But given the opportunity to get some University of Florida gossip out of Ms. Stevens was too good to pass up.

Grateful for a hot chick actually answering our questions, we gave this Gator hottie the chance to dish the dirt on celebrities, Tim Tebow and how she feels about busting out of the bikini to show off the goods in Playboy.

Lauren goes 5 Questions with BC after the jump.

1. Being ranked #1 on the Hottie 100 must mean you’ve met celebrities. Who’s been cool? Jerks?

I met a lot of celebrities at the Playboy Superbowl Party last year. Some guy from the Soprano’s got us into V.I.P. where all the celebs were. Nas was awesome. He let us sit with him and let us drink from his bottles and took pictures with us. Mike McMahon, the quarterback, was cool…I got his number lol.

Tay Diggs was rude and Kayne West was the biggest ass ever. He was near Nas but refused to take a picture with us and just acted too cool. Lil Jon, Jeremy Piven, Trick Daddy, were all there. Johnny Knoxvile was really nice and really hot.

I also met John Morgan from Morgan Colling and Gilbert or whatever at SWAMP in Gainesville. I guess he’s not that famous but he was awesome. He bought me and my girlfriend tons of shots and it was really funny because he ended up sitting at our table and his daughter came and yelled at him for hanging with us and told him it was time for him to go home. Nas is definitely my favorite celebrity that I have met so far.


2. What are the best perks of being hot on the University of Florida campus?

I love being well known. I get talked about a lot and I love that too…why lie? People everywhere recognize me whether I know them or not. I also have tons of friends and I love seeing familiar faces everywhere on campus. There’s always someone I know that I’ll run into whether waiting for the bus or in the library. Free drinks and really good treatment at all the clubs in town is pretty badass too!


3. We read that you want to be a wedding planner after school. Give us the dream celebrity wedding you’d like to be in charge of and why?

I would love to plan Jessica Simpson’s second wedding LOL. I absolutely love her and think she’s a great role model for young girls. I want her to get married again and she’s just very stylish and I think the wedding would be extravagant and really girly…just really fun to plan.


4. Tim Tebow is walking around that campus. Of course you’ve met the legend. Impressions?

That’s actually a funny story. I went out to SWAMP one night and I met him upstairs. He came over to me and started talking to me, and I got his number. I had no idea he was Tim Tebow though until my friend Kayte ran up to me and was like “OMG that’s Tim Tebow! It’s Tim Tebow” and wanted to take all these pictures with him. That made our convo pretty awkward tho and kind of scared him off for a little. I don’t remember what we talked about but I think he was really nice and a good guy.


5. If Playboy called with a very nice offer, would you consider shedding the bikini for the men’s mag? In not, why?

No. I love Playboy and the idea of being a Playmate, but I don’t want the whole world to see me naked. I don’t want to disappoint my daddy. Yes I still call him daddy, and being in Playboy would break his heart!

The Lauren Stevens File:

Class of 2009

Doesn’t like cockiness

Loves Diet Coke

For bookings, contact Dynasty Athlete Representation. Special thanks to Darren for making this happen.

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