If Mel Kiper Analyzed The Leesburg Bikini Contest


Bob’s Liquor store should be proud of its entry in the Leesburg Bikini Contest

We found these photos of the 2008 Leesburg Bikini Contest at some motorcyle rally and figured there needed to be a football angle so this site stays on subject. That led us to the idea. What if Mel Kiper never got into the field of judging the talents of 18-22-year-old men?

How would things have been different if Mel went into being a bikini judge? Well here is your answer.

Quotes courtesy of thinkexist.com

“(S)He’s looked at as being light. But (s)he definitely has the frame to add more weight.”

“I decided in my junior year that there was a market for this type of thing.”

“I love the analytical and scouting aspect of it.”

“At one point in time, I thought (s)he’d be a first-round pick.”

“This shapes up as one of the more exciting drafts, just because of the eight super blue-chip prospects”

  “More power to them. Bring them all on.”

Photos by don777a


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