Daily Dump: Fire Millen!, Chad Henne Is Fat, Berman 222s, Pink Is White Trash And Mushnick Praises



Any larger and those boobs would have been too big for our tastes.

The day off was nice. The long walk went well. It kept BC away from Berman and Crew®. We hear Mr. Suave made reference to his infamous YouTube videos while going to break during yesterday’s coverage. Now that’s funny.

Other nuggets we take away from the NFL Draft: Chad Henne and John Beck are represented by the same agent. That is funny. Brian Brohm was drafted by the Packers. Again, funny. And how about the double-chin sportin’ Henne. That Miami offensive line better get the job done or fatboy is going to be on his back – often.

Today’s Dump:

Sean Avery not total asshole as he seems, father claims [Winnipeg Sun]

Let’s get this dump started right, Lions’ fans boo Millen at official party [Freep]

Drew Sharp says Roy Williams should have been traded. Fire Millen! [Freep]

Joe Flacco won’t have to drive far to his new NFL team [Baltimore Sun]

Mushnick takes a day off in bashing ESPN, praises Vin Scully [NY Post]

Vince Young makes Top 10 All-Time Greatest College Football List [Coed]

How about some tail – Lindsey Vuolo [Uncoached]

Guy can’t figure out why golf balls keep hitting his house [Holy Taco]

If Pink lived in Kentucky she’d be perfect white-trash material [Drunken Stepfather]

Shocker! Spitzer sex story turned into porno flick [Asylum]

This probably won’t work. Border Patrol agents to use paintball guns [Tasty Booze]

Don shows off huge boobed chick [Don Chavez]

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