Todd McShay Will Rule Your Afternoon


Welcome, football geeks, to your full day of Todd McShay, Kiper and the dream of another Brady Quinn moment. Who doesn’t want to see Matt Ryan squirm in agony as he’s passed over?

We’re not watching. The constant fellatio from the ESPN crew make us want to go for a long walk. Away from TVs.

Trust us, we won’t be pulling a Jerricho Cotchery.

“I’m a big draft fan. Ever since I was young, I used to sit down and watch the whole draft,” said Cotchery, a receiver for the New York Jets. “I was a Buffalo Bills fan growing up, so I used to write down all their picks, what colleges they were from, their weaknesses and all that stuff. But I still do the same, I sit down and watch the entire draft now.

No Daily Dump either. Same goes for Cuff ‘Em. Consider us due for a day off.

We would, however, like to say thanks to our advertisers who were with us this week. The extra beer money will come in handy this weekend.

-Cloverfield/Paramount Pictures

– Mountain Dew

-Red Bull


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