Stan Humphries, David Archer Sporting Man Cans


Looks like Stan Humphries is wearing a permanent flak jacket

Ever wonder what happened to Gary Templeton post-Padres? The short answer is that he became a coach for several years and now does what most athlete retirees do – play golf.

Welcome to the Stan Humphries Golf Tournament where many of your former favorites now enjoy getting old with 18 holes and from the looks of things, a nice steak and beverages. Templeton was joined by such luminaries as Phil Nevin, Marcus Allen, Kenny Lofton and David Archer.

Speaking of Archer, Jesus! The former Atlanta Falcons‘ stud looks like he swallowed several footballs. It might be time to switch to a light beer.

Same goes for former ‘Bolt Humphries. He looks more likely to throw down 12 ouncers than 15-yard slants.

Man Cans! 



So far removed from Falcons’ playing days 


Templeton looks like he could still go 1st to 3rd 

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