Chick With Huge Boobs Big Fan Of ESPN Talent


This chick, Wendi April, has met some of the biggest names in entertainment: Kid Rock, Steven Tyler, Dusty Rhodes, Lionel Richie, Alan Thicke and even Eddie Money. She’s a Hawaiian Tropic talent who runs around Florida showing off those huge implants and meeting famous people.

But only one of those famous encounters made it to the front of her MySpace page. That honor belongs to an ESPN personality whom she calls “…such a nice guy!”

See the stud after the jump….

That’s right. Berman strikes again. Just look at how he commands the attention of Wendi’s mini-basketball implants. A couple buttons have popped loose revealing his hairy, sweaty chest that must say ‘power’ to these chicks.

Anyway, there you have it. Yet another chick under the influence of ‘222.’

This chick, it seems, will take a photo with any celebrity

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