Daily Dump: Jim Plunkett’s Daughter Double Fists, Macho Man Looking Old, Webb Vs. Zito And Megan Fox & Fox


Lorena Van Herde’s steamy photo shoot via CamelTap

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Today’s Dump:

Jim Plunkett’s daughter likes to double fist Bud Lights [Don Chavez]

Macho Man not looking very good these days [Friends of the Program]

How Eli has been spending his honeymoon [NFL Juice]

The “Peyton Isn’t Gay” Photo Essay [Gibbs12]

You can still get your Hawaii Sugar Bowl gear [Losers With Socks]

Brandon Webb vs. Barry Zito: One overpaid, other 5-0 [Rumors and Rants]

Spend the afterlife in MLB urn [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Kayne and basketball: An analogy [The Play in CA]

Raps dig themselves a hole against Magic [Cuzoogle]

A day in the life of Isiah [Simon On Sports]

Cavs-Wizards in comic form (very nice art) [Waiting For Next Year]

Kickboxing for kids! Cool! [Part Mule]

Poo in the 7-11 micro funny until caught [Tasty Booze]

A $2,600 bamboo bike [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

Samia Smith is British, leggy [Bright Black Internet]

An inside look at the Texans’ cheerleader tryouts [100% Injury Rate/FanIQ]

Megan Fox has a huge fox [Holy Taco]

Kacie Lynn is your typical hot chick living the dream [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Christie Brinkley still doable [on205th]

Chanelle Hayes busts out fishnets [Drunken Stepfather]

Aida Yespica is yesterday’s Daily Snapshot [COED]

Natalie Portman looks like a toilet to scruffy dog [Blog of Hilarity]