Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen Could Use A Trim

Photos by hoosierguy.jeff

Big Gay Rich is a huge Jimmy Clausen fan. Ever since he was hooked on the Golden Boy. But we received an urgent message this morning from our photo editor.

“Jimmy’s hair is falling out!,” Rich shouted. “And he’s growing it out like Steve Nash.”

A quick look at the pre-spring game photos revealed exactly what Rich was relaying. Clausen has given up the California look for the private school, highly educated, peckerhead look prevalent on elite campuses east of the Mississippi.

So after the initial shock wore off, we sent these pics to our stylist Saul, who quickly diagnosed the situation. “Male-pattern baldness,” he said.

It’s really a sad day for all the Clausen fans out there. Sorry for the news.

The more famous Jimmy hair.


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