Redskins' Cheerleaders Not Really Welcome In India

Hindu activists not huge fans of flaunting boobs

There is a shitload of anger tonight at BC Headquarters. We’ve had about enough out of these asshole Hindu activists who are trying to ruin the spread of high-grade cheerleading activities throughout the world.

Some jerkwads with shaved heads and wearing bricks for shoes are trying to prevent our beloved Washington Redskins’ cheerleaders from training Indian women on the finer points of shaking their ass for sporting fans.

As if the increasing prices for Indian buffets wasn’t enough to send us over the top, this hit us in the gut. We live for T&A bouncing around on the sidelines of major Indian sporting events such as cricket and soccer.

“It is completely alien to our culture to have young skimpily clad Indian girls sporting pompoms on their derrieres dancing around furiously,” The Telegraph quoted Bangalore resident Roshin Varghese, as saying.

We highly doubt this moron knew the term “derrieres.” So what these guys are trying to say is that they don’t want to see this at sporting events.

Liars! At least the .

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Photos courtesy of [Jeff Costlow-Arlington,VA]