Daily Dump: Students Try To Steal Gator, Chad Johnson Final Celebration, Kings’ Dancers And Jana Defi



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Today’s Dump:

Embry-Riddle U. students try to steal a gator [First Coast News]

Georghe suddenly is everywhere this week [Deuce of Davenport]

Former Trojan is smart and a Redskins dancer [Trojan Wire]

Tebow gets to ask question on American Idol [Losers With Socks]

Some of the all-time most nerve wracking closers [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

How Chad Johnson should celebrate leaving Cinci [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

The future of advertising: floating sky ads [Asylum]

Dog makes NBA playoff predictions [Cuzoogle]

Kings’ dancers are at it again [Don Chavez]

Joe Simpson still trying to pimp out his grown kids [Holy Taco]

Just what you need, 5 pounds of Silly Puddy [Tasty Booze]

The Pope’s sweet ride while he’s in the U.S. [MacGsWorld]

Al Pacino looking like an old guy with a tan [Blog of Hilarity]

Today’s Tail: 

Jana Defi is stacked and we mean stacked [Coed]

Emma Watson now on male species radar [Brahsome]

Kurt Angle’s wife looking good [on205th]

Heidi Montag’s fake afternoon in the park [Drunken Stepfather]

Dell booth babes [Bright Black Internet]

Watch out for these this weekend [Average-Dudes]