Famous Manute Bol Trash Talking Shawn Bradley

Is Bol text messaging?

While we are on this 7-footer storylines, it’s time to catch up with the Sudanese badass himself, Manute Bol. He was rocking the speaking circuit this week in Wheaton, Illinois trying to drum up support for a community center.

Flickr photog vouchey has the full report.

Manute, who is 7′ 7″, is sitting in the picture, in what is basically a high chair. At dinner, his knees came up above the tabletop. I asked him why Shawn Bradley (his tall “heir apparent” in the NBA) didn’t work out. “Because he sucked, that’s why.” Awesome.

While we are at it lets visit with former Jazz giant Mark Eaton who was at a Buddhist sponsored house concert in Utah. If there is one thing we’ve learned in our study of former NBA big men it’s that they lead pretty boring lifestyles. It doesn’t appear any of these guys are carrying the Wilt Chamberlain torch.

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Look, lady, this hand won’t hurt you.