Sacramento Kings' Dancers Want You To Buy House


Welcome home, kid. The chicks don’t come with the house.

You can always count on a crowd wherever the SacTown dancers appear in public. The groupies may be a result of these famous photos. Or it could be that there are tons of horny guys in Sacramento who are willing to give up a weekend to visit model homes and stare at 20-something asses.

Flip a coin.

Whatever the case, the world-famous dancers worked the crowd at a recent KB Homes open house. Franciso Garcia was there to sign autographs and keep old ladies occupied. Who cares about that schmuck? Our eyes immediately went to the kitchen photos. Just seeing the girls near pots and pans brings back great memories.

Selling homes in this real estate market takes true professionals. That’s when you turn to the Kings’ dancers.

This recession is Fan….Tastic!


Photos by conrado4

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