The Orange Bowl Destruction Continues, Fans Sad


Photos by ahlbrandt

The demolition of the Orange Bowl is nearing completion and has fans turning out, offering $20-30 for rubble, the MIAMI HERALD reports. Unlike other famous stadiums that have recently faced the wrecking ball, collectibles from the OB are still available at Want a nautical light fixture?

The one roadblock at this construction site remains the scoreboard. Officials say no one has stepped forward to remove it.

Miami city manager Pete Hernandez said it could cost close to $100,000 to move it, and the city can’t afford that. ”Either we scrap it or sell it,” Fenton said. ”We may remove the Orange Bowl name and hold on to that” if it’s not sold.

Once a football shrine, the field has been turned into a common site in Detroit.

Dumpsters sit in what would have been the open end zone. Concrete, steel, dirt and debris cover the field where Dan Marino once threw touchdown passes to Mark Duper.

For many of the men who toil here every day under the boiling sun, there is little room for sentiment.

”It’s just another job,” said Aaron Latiolais, a demolition crew worker from Franklin, La. “There is no feeling.”

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