Do Not Hit Our Goalie, Hershey Tells Phantoms


There is an unwritten rule on the hockey ice. Don’t touch the opposing teams goalie.

But when the goalie is swinging his stick at you, what would you do? Philadelphia Phantoms forward Jesse Boulerice decided to pound him into the ice. And, of course, that didn’t go over too well with the Hershey Bears who jumped Boulerice.

The final tally for the game: 172 penalty minutes (126 just from this fight).

“I just gave him a tap,” said Machesney. “I didn’t know who it was. That’s pretty much a big rookie mistake to go after that guy (Boulerice is regarded as a major AHL heavyweight). But in the heat of the moment, that stuff happened. That was a learning experience.”

Holy shit, rookie. You went after a guy who was in one of the most famous hockey fights to ever be uploaded on YouTube.

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