Top Dog! Journalism All-You-Can-Eat Leaderboard


By now you are aware of the all-you-can-eat ticket trend at Major League Baseball stadiums. But if that isn’t disturbing enough, there is now a movement within journalism to take part in a glutinous challenge to see how many hot dogs, nachos and ice cream one can cram into 9 innings.

Journalists, well known for pounding food with great vigor, seem to have an immediate love for such an idea.

Our research team has put together a leaderboard to track who is the “2008 Journalism King Of The All-You-Can-Eat Section.”

The Contenders:

  1. Pat Craig (Oakland Tribune) Oakland: Four dogs, one order of nachos, a bag of peanuts, an ice cream sandwich and a bag of popcorn.
  2. Eric Louie (Contra Costa Times) Oakland: 12 hot dogs, two ice cream sandwiches and six lemon-lime sodas.
  3. Andrew Matheson (Hollister Free Lance) Oakland: Five hot dogs, four nachos, a bag of peanuts, six sodas and an ice cream sandwich.
  4. Tony Hicks (Contra Costa Times) Oakland: Seven dogs, but a lot of other stuff.
  5. Adam Brandolph (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Pittsburgh: two hot dogs, two orders of nachos, one popcorn, two bags of peanuts.

(If you are a reporter who has taken this challenge, written about it and would like in our standings, please contact us.)