Don't Look To StubHub For Pope Tickets, It's A Sin


Catholics and even one Jew tell THE BAY NET it’s nearly impossible to score tickets to the upcoming Pope visit. It’s a sin to scalp tickets, say church officials. So that means all you Catholics out there scoring Red Sox-Yankees’ tix should be aware that you’ll be going to hell for paying 400% markup.

Pope fans have resorted to Craigslist, but church officials are onto that game, forcing the Internet site to pull the ads.

One guy is offering services instead of money.

“I work for Microsoft, I have a skill in IT (information technology), and can fix just about any computer on this planet, so maybe I can offer my services to him (the seller) for a monetary value — something that I can do that’s worth it to them, but not money,” Williams said. “If it’s $400, I’ll clean your house for a month, I’ll take your kids out to a baseball game twice a week.”

A Nationals’ fan concocted a plan to get someone to trade Pope tickets for Nats’ seats. Sounds like a sweet deal to us. No beer at the Pope speech versus going to a baseball game featuring Da Meathook.

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