Daily Dump: Tebow To Play, USC QB Battle, Zumaya’s Keg Skills And Hooters Par 3 Contest




Maya showing off the great work of a genius surgeon

Late dump this morning. We made a beer run for this Florida spring game on ESPN. Upon returning home the first thing on the tube was Erin Andrews in a Disney-like hoop dress. Um, we prefer the tight business skirt with pumps.

It’ nice to see the GameDay crew in April. It would be hard to go 3 months without Corso.  

And this “Tebow is sick, but will gut it” out shit is disgusting. Hopefully he pulls a hamstring from dehydration. So stupid. 

Today’s Dump:

There’s a real QB battle brewing at USC [Press-Enterprise]

Pete worried about little kids roaming Trojans’ sidelines [LA Times]

The Tigers might be terrible but Zumaya’s keg skills superb [MacGsWorld]

Hooters Par 3 contest [Don Chavez]

How Clooney landed Sarah Larson [Holy Taco]

Asshole Pol wants even more tax on beer [Tasty Booze]

A female sex addict? We’ll help out [Asylum]

Tera Patrick in some sort of lingerie [Drunken Stepfather]

Let’s see Rampage get out of these locks [Part Mule]

These two are sisters [on205th]

Maya Simone has great skin [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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