Cuff 'Em: Little 500 Partiers Warned, Carl Eller A Badass, Racist Gets Police Visit



It’s Little 500 weekend. Get drunk and out of control and you’ll be arrested. 

“Cuff ‘Em” is a daily look at who’s in trouble with the law. It’s our hope to limit this to 5 sports-related morons, but it can be modified at our discretion or if there is a sudden outbreak of superior stupidity.

  1. Indiana police give Little 500 advance warning: “If you don’t want arrested, don’t do anything illegal.”
  2. $1 million coke bust takes place across street from NASCAR chief’s house.
  3. Man makes racist threats against Cavs’ player, others; arrested.
  4. Carl Eller still a badass. It takes 4 Tasers to drop him.
  5. College football player resorts to robbery; part-time job not an option.
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