Catch Fish, Glance At Boobs On Florida Fishing Boat

She’ll handle your pole and take her top off for an extra fee

Somewhere in Minneapolis, members of the Vikings will read this and plan a fishing trip with Smokin’ ‘Em Charters, based in Fort Pierce, Florida. We’ve heard of (and been to) crazy bachelor parties, but Smokin’ ‘Em can throw a unique party for the special guest.

Yes, you’ll catch fish. Yes, you’ll get drunk. And, if you have enough cash, the deckhands will drop tops and parade around topless. Fellas, meet the future of deep-sea fishing.

Kathi Coombes of Smokin’ em Charters tells a Florida television station, “they will serve drinks and food and sandwiches and run out the baits and lines and do everything a regular mate would do but they’re just in a bikini.”

Those ladies include Niki (above) a Polish import with 34Ds who dislikes dishonesty and stalkers. Now is the time to get a trip planned. A 10% off promotion ends April 30.

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