Daily Dump: Someone Wake Bob Knight, Tigers 0-6 Start, Lucia Has Big Boobs And Megan Fox Gives Finger



What a lucky dolphin

We told you Friday about the “Suckiest Sports Blog Tournament.” Today it gets underway with the Parent’s Basement Region. Deadspin is a #1 seed and KSK comes in as a #2. Remember, you are voting for the blog that sucks more.

Anyone ready for a good basketball game tonight? CBS? Just give us a basketball game that keeps Bob Knight from his now famous trance.

And how about that performance by the Tigers last night. $137 million gets Mike Illitch this 0-6 start. It’s going to take a ton of pizzas to make up for that dough.

Today’s Dump:

Is a close basketball title game too much to ask for? [The Meaningful Collateral]

Lucia got her start as a Hooters model [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Miranda Kerr easy on the eyes [on205th]

Megan Fox likes to give finger [Holy Taco]

Brooks checks in with these UT-San Antonio not so hotties [Sports By Brooks]

NY Giants settle on ring design, it’ll look small in giant cleavage [Don Chavez]

Top 10 drunk foods [Coed]

Bo Pelini visits taverns hunting for football players [Journal-Star]

ESPN spell checkers take a night off [Brahsome]

The use of quotations not necessary [Tasty Booze]

Marla Maples still pulling in younger men [Drunken Stepfather]

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